Jade Carving Sculpture October 23, 2009

Jade Carving Hand Crafted Jade carvings direct from the stone carvers in China
jade sculpture carving

Jade Carving # P10004

Jade Carving From the stone carvers in China.
This Jade Carving is carved from Real Dushan Mtn. Jade dated 10/23/2009
This Jade Sculpture is unique and One of a kind.
Very Unique Jade Carving. Beautifully designed Dushan jade carving.

SIZE: 13*10*16 CM.     30.5 CM = 1 foot (approx).

This natural Unusual and very colorful Stone is perfect for this scenery.
These are truely one of a kind and this stone is almost gone. Prices are increasing with each trip to the village as the government is regulating the prices.
As you can imagine this stone carving is very rare and unique to this mountain which has 7 possible colors, pink being the most rare.
To make this they must work the vein in the stone to utilize the art design.
This is carved from 1 solid stone.
We are not sure how much longer we will be able to get these fine works of art.

Price:    EMAIL US
Shipping from China

Packing Jade carvings SHIPPING:
SHIPPING VIA LCL Shared Container Ocean Freight with a 1 cubic meter minimum fee.
We utilize this 1 CBM by building a custom strong large wood crate even for a single carving for shipping.
Our carpenter also makes wood boxes for the carvings as well so they are double boxed inside the large wood crate for safety.
Air is not safe. They break everything.
This is the only safe way, and it works.
If they can't pick it up by hand they cant break it!
As we get these direct from the carvers in a remote village in China at local Chinese prices even with the shipping added it is still a great value.
We see these selling for 10 times these prices in shops in Beijing and Shanghai.
This shipping is not as difficult as it sounds. We have an excellent shipping agent to help us in Tianjin, and we can help arrange a broker for you to clear customs at it's destination and they do everything. Air is nearly as much anyway as they are heavy and they will not insure them. The best insurance is good packing !
As these are one of a kind works of art it is worth the little effort to make sure they arrive in one piece.

We have a larger photo if you wish to see it.
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